Tuti Robo-The Pet Sitter

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Tuti- Your full Time pet Sitter for your Furrbabies.

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Let Tuti become your eyes and ears so that you’re aware of all the wild shenanigans your furry loved one is up to while you’re away from home. Just use your smartphone to watch, interact, and feed your pet anytime, anywhere in the world so that your little furball never feels alone or unloved.

Tuti’s built-in HD camera will allow you to take candid shots of your pet right in the middle of the action. With its ability to move through different terrains, use a Wi-Fi connection to follow your pet around, record its movements, and play with it via live stream. Make sure to share these moments with your friends and family because who doesn’t love a cute pet photo or video?

Equipped with a laser pointer, you can keep your pet from becoming overly bored using Tuti. Use the smartphone application to change the direction of the beam and watch your pet have fun through the video feed screen. It’s also a good way to get your pet to exercise.

Make sure to fill Tuti’s snack holder with your pet’s favorite dry treats before leaving the house. Then use the smartphone application to dispense treats to your little one so that its tummy’s always full and happy.

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