Royal Canin-Feline Health Nutrition Fit 32 – 10 KG

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Product Features:
• Optimal nutrient profile
• Healthy weight
• Hairball reduction
Royal Canin Fit 32
Food for moderately active adult cats. For adult cats over 1 year.

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ROYAL CANIN Fit 32 is suitable for adult cats between 1-7 years old, it’s been specially composed to meet all of your cat’s nutritional requirements for supporting and maintaining the health situation that your cat is currently in. Your cat needs high-quality nutrition to meet all the requirements of adulthood that’s why it has an optimal nutrient profile that contains the right level of beneficial nutrients to help support and maintain the good health of your adult cat.

What’s more, it is formulated with a balance of beneficial nutrients – such as a variety of vitamins and minerals – to help in maintaining a healthy urinary system for adult cats like yours.

Nutritional balance
Fit 32 is a complete and balanced diet containing 52 nutrients. It perfectly answers nutritional needs in terms of protein, fatty acids, fiber, vitamins, and minerals to help keep your cat in top shape.

Maintain ideal weight
Provides a moderate calorie intake perfectly adapted to the needs of a cat that takes limited amounts of exercise.

Hairball regulation
non-fermentable fibers and beet pulp help stimulate intestinal transit and assist in the elimination of ingested hair.


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