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    Cats require healthy and hygienic grooming because even your pet needs to maintain a lifestyle. We have come up with various services for Cat Grooming in Jumeirah. So, it’s attention for the pet lovers, and here we are in your town to groom your cat and provide them with a better living. You will get excited to explore our offered services for your beloved pet.

    Explore Our Cat Grooming Service Types

    Our service types include a variety of grooming procedures. The services are also available for complete cat care and in individual service listings where my experts deal with specific areas.

    Hair Trimming

    The cat hairs usually grow faster, and trimming is necessary periodically. Some breeds of cats grow too much hair within months. We understand the consequences of a cat with heavy volume hair; microbes and worms can easily breed in them. Hence, we offer a professional cat haircut for the cuts. We are also concerned about the style. Our experts have elite experience with different cat breeds, so we offer stylish haircuts. A complete body bath follows our haircut service. We clean the cat with specific cat products like cat shampoo and conditioners so their fur remains shiny and frizz-free.

    Claws/Nails Trimming

    The cat’s nails usually grow faster. Our cat grooming service includes proper trimming. We ensure that the claws are clean, clean them with hygiene products, and follow the smoothening process. We suggest you clip the once a week to avoid injuries. You can set up appointments weekly and consider our service package, including complete grooming. Our professionals manage softly in the process to prevent pain or sores. We are experts in handling pet care. Don’t worries about the sharp nails of your cat; just consult our Cat Grooming in Jumeirah; we will always be ready to serve you.

    Bathing Service

    Bathing the cat and little kittens seems like big work, right? And it’s not easy with the cats to set their mind on bathing. You don’t have to worry when Miss Meow Grooming is in your town. We know the tricks to handle your cat and make them bath ready. Our experts don’t feel it is a complicated task due to their years of experience. We gently handle kittens and bathe them with intense care. We use cat gels and bathing essentials for the cats with heavy furs to ensure their cleanliness and hygiene. After bathing, service includes drying them up and keeping their body warm.

    If you are looking for Cat Grooming in Jumeirah, then we are here in your city to provide your pet’s all types of grooming services. Consult us through email or book an appointment online.

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